How to Get into a Top-Tier Engineering School Without a Technical Background...

Liz Miller, Robotics Expert

Hi, I'm Liz.

So you want to upgrade your career to robotics and tech... 
now what...?

Nobody will just magically give you a robot or an automation lab because you want to build some hobby robotics projects.

You actually have to stand out... which is hard, because the world is oversaturated with "makers" and "techies."

And we, as self-starting professionals have busy lives just like everyone else...

So we have less time to start robotics... and build the gadgets we dream about.

Some people build tons of technical projects, and it's a game of numbers... they think, "If I just learn a bunch of coding languages, I can make a robot."

Some people practice, practice, practice until they become seasoned at writing code, wiring up hardware, and building robots.

Both strategies can work, but I find that they don't solve the problem of time. There's never enough of it, and it's hard to keep up, let alone get ahead, and help develop a process to build robots at home...

So what's the alternative?

You need to be more efficient... Build robotics projects without expensive equipment that can give you hands-on experience! 

And I can teach you how to do that with these 3 simple pillars of robotics that I learned after years and years of practice...

Yes! Send Me The Training Now!

I'm giving away my bag of (technical, yet easy) tricks that will show you exactly how to get started in robotics, program physical devices, and upskill for the future.

If you're serious about starting robotics without needing to buy expensive equipment and supplies and saving time in the process... learn these 3 pillars, and use them to create unlimited robotics projects in the future! 

Ready to be in the Top 10% of Engineering Applicants?

Our Robotics Mentorship Program helps Experienced Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical, and Software) gain specialized careers in the Robotics Industry. 

Clients work directly with a Robotics Engineering Mentor to build and execute a personalized career plan over 90 days.

As a result, our clients secure Job Offers working in Robotics, Automation, and AI while adding $30,000+ to their Engineering Salaries.

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Liz at Learn Robotics is FANTASTIC! 
My daughter joined Learn Robotics, and she learned so much and it provided the spark for her to pursue engineering. Thank you Liz for an amazing program!

Michelle • Learn Robotics Parent

Liz at Learn Robotics is FANTASTIC! 
My daughter joined Learn Robotics, and she learned so much and it provided the spark for her to pursue engineering. Thank you Liz for an amazing program!

Michelle • Learn Robotics Parent

It can be really difficult to improve your skillset as a professional. Liz is really knowledgeable on how to jump into it without feeling overwhelmed. 

I joined because I wanted the fastest way to learn to code and how to build a robot. These skills are super valuable and I want to be prepared and successful in the future. 

I'm building new projects every week and I'm impressed at how much I've learned in just a month!



Definitely recommend Learn Robotics to others! In only 30-minutes, we covered a lot of territory! This is an Awesome Resource!!

Definitely recommend Learn Robotics to others! In only 30-minutes, we covered a lot of territory! This is an Awesome Resource!!

Tom • Learn Robotics Hobbyist

Tom • Learn Robotics Hobbyist

Experienced Engineers:
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How it Works
Robotics Career Blueprint: 
The Engineer's Personalized Plan into the Robotics Industry, Earning $100,000+ in 90 days or less

Have a CUSTOMIZED plan that's calibrated to your lifestyle and career goals.

✅ Want to earn more?
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We can help you achieve it!

Plus, you'll have support, accountability, and actions items to complete over 90 days.

Consult with your Robotics Mentor each week to keep making progress on your plan.

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Your mentor can provide specific recommendations based on your goals — it's bespoke to you and your career.

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We are a career-first program:
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You'll also have chances to Network with like-minded engineering professionals in our Robotics Community.

Here's What Clients Are Saying

I'm a Mechanical Engineer with an MBA. I've been wanting to get into Automation Strategy and Leadership for a very long time. I decided to work with Liz because she's managed $MM automation projects and could give me the steps I need to take. Liz, you're awesome. I'm glad I took the leap to work with you and had the accountability to advance as an automation leader. Money well spent! - Michael

In less than 4 weeks, I identified a new pocket of the Automation and AI market that I can capitalize on, and it's because of the direct and personalized approach and guidance Liz has given me in this program. - Will

I'm now on target to move into a Director-level Automation role at a manufacturing company. It's really awesome be part of technology and work to increase my salary by about $30k. - Greg

I was able to leverage my existing engineering background to step into the Software leadership role at a Robotics Startup. I'm making double what I did previously and loving the projects I get to work on. - Nic

I'm now highly leveraged in a Business Automation strategy role where I can use my engineering competencies to make company-wide decisions. My last raise was over $35,000 and I also get 4 extra weeks of vacationI should have hired Liz sooner. - Julia

A message from our founder

I understand the frustration and stagnation that can come with having a wealth of experience and certificates while feeling the gnawing pain of knowing you could be doing more in a new career in robotics.

The weight of realizing your potential, yearning for a more fulfilling career, a more enriching daily routine, and a better life can be immense.

Even more so, the responsibility of providing for yourself and your loved ones, knowing that you can do better, can be overwhelming.

I've been there, and I understand the hurdles you face. I've walked that path myself.

Reflecting on my journey into the robotics industry...

...taking years of traditional engineering classes...

...specialized robotics courses...

...and countless manufacturer's training...

❌ I learned that advancing one's engineering career isn't just about following a set curriculum

If it were that straightforward, anyone could pick up a book and completely transform their life overnight.

Real career changes start with YOU. 

It means that to succeed in a new career in robotics, you need to grow as a person while honing your technical skills. What got you to your current job, won't get you to your next job.

The transformations I underwent were made possible through the unwavering support of mentors in my life—mentors who guided me not just in technical proficiency but also in nurturing the right mindset, the right strategy, and proper execution. 

(Taking action can be the hardest part!)

This structure and accountability is precisely what we offer our Engineering Clients in the Robotics Career Blueprint.

✅ And this is why our clients continuously outperform most: securing job offers in the robotics industry from $80,000 all the way to $400,000 per year. 

Our sole mission is to work directly with you, find the niche within the robotics industry that you can excel at, and help you capitalize on that opportunity.

As a result, you'll achieve more in the next 3 months, than most professionals do in years.

👇 Ready for real change? Ready for robotics?

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Liz Miller, Founder
Robotics Engineer

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